Day #1

I’m not sure who’s going to read this, or if anyone else is even alive…

Day, not sure. Last I remember it was Friday or a Thursday, either way I had come home from work kissed the wife played with the kids, put them to bed, sat down in front of the TV with a cold one to watch a George A. Romero film, then it happened…

I escaped the neighborhood by making a beeline for the woods after the wife and child were consumed by our neighbors, once peaceful and caring people now ravenous beasts with the taste for flesh. I must add my escape was not as easy as it may read, its hard to be exact when you see your 5 year old daughter get back up after having her face ripped apart… am I the next big star in a Romero film now? Sure feels like it.

I’ve found my way to city and as my time of writing this I’m located on what seems to be a police station (no guns here, shit) the dead walk the streets freely, their pungent odor taints the ever fading pure air. I have nothing on me but a simple flash light, chocolate bar, chips and a small amount of water. Boy what I would do for one of Steve’s homemade beef burgers with bacon, that reminds me I wonder how he is doing?

To only assume I’m the last one alive is a fair assumption, but if someone out there is to find this. Ill be heading north to a small town settlement by the lake. I will hold up in the safest building I can find and wait for a few days before moving on and I will leave another note.

If you have supplies please bring them… I don’t know how much longer I can go on without something to take the edge off.